Other Considerations

Psychological Stress: After deciding to have a baby, most couples are surprised and disappointed when pregnancy does not occur as quickly as they would like. A diagnosis of infertility can therefore be particularly unsettling for couples whose hearts are set on children. Choosing to undergo fertility treatment is a major step that presents with many decisions. Psychological stress may be increased during the course of evaluation, treatment and/or treatment outcome. By supporting and communicating with each other, many couples find that their relationship can grow stronger. However, if you or your partner feels a need to talk to someone, emotional and psychological support and counseling are available at the Center upon your request.

Alternatives: It is important to decide how far you and your partner are willing to go with infertility treatments. You should be aware of other options available to you such as adoption, foster care and childfree living.

Confidentiality: All services provided at CIRH are confidential except as required by law. Our physicians and the Center will not reveal any information about you or your treatment without your consent. However, specific medical details may be used in professional publications as long as personal information about you is not disclosed. Statistics concerning your treatment will be included in information that the Center provides to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Any other use of information about yourself or your treatment will require your specific written consent.

Payment Policy: Payment in full is due when you come in for your treatment cycle start (day 2 or 21). The Center accepts payment in the form of check, cash, and credit cards. Full payment for embryo freezing/cryopreservation is due on the day of your embryo transfer. In the event of a cancelled cycle, you will be charged for services rendered and a credit will be given for the remaining amount. Statements will be given to the patient at the completion of the IVF cycle for insurance purposes upon request. Although we can help you, it is the policy of this center not to deal directly with insurance companies. Because all fees are subject to change without notice, please inquire about current fee schedules prior to starting a cycle as well as insurance coverage.

For more information on infertility treatment contact the Beth Israel Center for Infertility and Reproductive Health.